Spam – Not Always Bad for You!

Spam isn’t always bad for you. Who knew?

No, not that horrible canned stuff (which is apparently haute cuisine in Hawaii, by the way). I am talking about spam of the email variety. Recently, I received two spam messages. That in itself is not unusual; however, these stood out because they were from the email accounts of old friends who (or is that whom, I always mix that up) I had not been in touch with for many years. Six years and three computers ago, I think… Anyway, I previously tried to find them on Facebook, but to no avail.

I don’t even recall what the spammers were hawking in this case, but I did make a note of the email addresses and sent brief messages back. Both friends responded and, thanks to junk mail’s younger and more malevolent sibling, we are back in touch. I am pretty sure my email address book remains unscathed to boot! It’s nice to know that something constructive can occasionally come out of one of our modern annoyances.



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