Keeskee is, well, even a bit more keeskee than planned

So, once again, I have been neglecting my little experimental blog. This time, I have a somewhat better excuse. Back in September, we found out that my wife was pregnant (yay!). We then got caught up in “get ready for baby” mode. Newsflash – you can never be ready for baby, and none of it looks like it does on television!

We welcomed our daughter in May (she was in her stroller with us at Darts Garden from my last post) and are just starting to come out of the fog that is having a newborn. The exciting thing is that we managed to make it work so that both of us are off for at least the first six months. We’re getting to know our daughter together, and we can help each other through the “what do we do now?” moments.

As I write this, it is five in the morning, and my little girl is curled up on my chest. As you may imagine, there’s a good chance Keeskee will continue to be attended to in a sporadic manner. When I do get to it, chances are some of the subject matter will change, too.

I will continue to hit on things to do and places to go, but with a more decidedly baby friendly focus (I miss you, outdoor rock concerts!). More than likely, I will also touch on our adventures as a new family, as well as brilliant gadgets, hacks, services, etc., that make parenting so much easier than when my ancestors carried their babies around in moss lined bags.

Oh, I will continue to seek out good, hot cups of coffee (but only when my wife is holding the baby). I will also continue to love the CBC, and am already working on indoctrinating my daughter in Radio One’s programming…


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