I still love the CBC!

CBC has shuffled much of its line up, presumably due to budget constraints.  Unfortunately, it seems that many of the late night rebroadcasts that I previously mentioned (e.g., Curious Orange, Deutsche Welle) seem to have fallen out of rotation.  One silver lining is that they are now broadcasting Radio Canada International’s Link, a two hour show that is intended to “connect new immigrants to Canada and Canada to the world”.

Last night, they featured the Royal Ontario Museum’s Fakes & Forgeries exhibit.  A wide range of artefacts –  and their counterpart counterfeits – are on display.  These include bank notes, ancient Mexican rain gods, classical Greek statuettes, fossils, and even software.  Visitors are given a few clues and challenged to spot the fakes.  According to the commentator, the exhibit will make its way to Surrey (although I haven’t found any details online so far).

A little later, the commentators discussed a recent fatwa issued by twenty North American Muslim clerics in response to the recent underwear bomber.  Released under the banner of the Canadian Islamic Congress, it highlighted the fact that North America’s ten million Muslims have complete freedom to practice their faith.  It also included an opinion that any attack on Canada or the USA would also represent an attack on Muslims as well.

The Link broadcast also featured music by a number of artists including Melissa Bel, a talented young woman from Burlington, Ontario.  Her vocal quality was slightly reminiscent of Janice Joplin and her repertoire is apparently fairly broad, spanning jazz, pop and rock.

And at some point, I finally managed to get back to sleep…



I hopped on the Skytrain this morning, all inspired to write a post for my blog, but the darn notebook battery was dead.  What the…?  I am sure it had some juice the other day.  How does it go completely dead on me?  Whatever!