My happy place… : )

Whenever I am having a really bad day, I always joke that I am going to go to my happy place.  My happy place is more of a landscape than a specific spot – a body of water, with mountains rising up from the shoreline.  Generally, it is also sunny there.

Anyway, I took a walk during lunch the other day, and was astonished to see how much the North Shore mountains looked like my happy place at that particular moment.  The image of clouds lifting off the mountains against beautiful blue sky was breathtaking.  Unfortunately, my little webcam wasn’t quite able to do it justice. 

Picture 061

It is true that my happy place doesn’t have convention centres in the foreground, or fluorescent 2010 rings floating on the harbour (I cropped the image, but they are just outside of the frame to the West).  It is also slightly less populated.  Alright, much less populated.  Nevertheless, the magnificent view was enough to lift my spirits for the rest of the day – and I wasn’t even having a bad day! 


One Response to “My happy place… : )”

  1. ian Says:

    My happy place is just somewhere warm where I don’t stub my toe. Guess I’m not too demanding.

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