A Cross Border Find

I had to mail some parcels to Colorado, and it was WAY cheaper to send them through the US Postal Service, so my wife and I decided to take a day trip over the border.  We stopped at the post office in Blaine, but then carried on down the highway because my wife wanted to hit a particular outlet.

P8070040Thankfully, we never found the outlet she was thinking of.  We did, however, happen across Historic Fairhaven, which is also referred to as Fairhaven Village.  Now part of Bellingham, Fairhaven got its start sometime around the 1880s.  Much of its early architecture has been preserved, and any new development must conform to the community’s 19th century look and feel.

We took a quick walk around the neighbourhood to scope out restaurants, and finally settled on Skylark’s Hidden Café.  Set in an old brick building with a storefront, its interior was apparently inspired by the 19th century bordello (high end, mind you).  The woodwork was phenomenal, and they had a bar that I would die for!


We shared a caesar salad (reasonably good), and both had the vegetarian baked squash lasagne (phenomenal!).  Afterwards, we popped by Fairhaven Fish & Chips, which is actually a double decker bus parked in a corner lot.  Although we couldn’t sample the fish and chips, we did treat ourselves to their soft serve ice cream (my wife had banana, and I had English toffee).  We also toured around the local businesses, which offer a wide range of gifts, books, candy, jewellery, and art.


If your are heading down Bellingham way, I suggest giving the shopping malls a miss and hanging out in Fairhaven for an afternoon.


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  1. Ian Stephen Says:

    Hurry up and blog something! You’re not entertaining me!

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