A Very Vancouver Kind of Day

Why is it that I never hit any of Vancouver’s major sites unless we have visitors in town?  My wife’s cousin and his girlfriend have been visiting from Calgary for the last few days, and we’ve seen more of Vancouver in three days than we do in most months!

Today, we started by hitting the Vancouver Aquarium.  The $28.00 admission is a bit steep but, for just $56.00, you can get an annual pass.  We toured through the beluga exhibit first, and saw the new baby chasing her older sister around the tank.

Belugas can live anywhere between 60 and 80 years!  Apparently, the Aquarium pumps water into the exhibit from Burrard Inlet.  It is filtered, and then chilled to temperatures that they would experience in northern waters and estuaries (between 8 and 10 degrees Celsius).


We also toured the Tropical, Amazon and BC exhibits.  The interpretive displays are first rate, although the Aquarium seems a little more commercial than I remember.  Ten fifty for a burger and fries!?!?  I suppose the cost of running a facility like that must be astronomical…


After the Aquarium, we went to the Night Market in Vancouver’s Chinatown.  I avoided the mass consumer products – especially the knock off DVDs – but enjoyed looking at some of the cultural items and goodies.  We tried a few of the culinary delights – the most exotic fare being fried squid and some kind of fish (Sammi?) on a skewer.


We started at the east end of Keefer Street and worked our way through the booths.  There was entertainment at the west end of Keefer close to the Monument of Canadian Chinese, but it was winding down by the time we worked our way to that end.

If you do stop by the Night Market, keep in mind that the bank machines in the area are locked down by 7:00 p.m. or so – probably due to Chinatown’s proximity to Vancouver’s Downtwon Eastside.  This was a bit inconvenient, but it did cut my wife’s shopping down quite a bit…


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  1. Vincent Says:

    Now you are in my favorites.

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