Attack of the Android!

I was perusing the Vancouver Sun on my commute home today, and an article in the business section caught my eye.  Acer, the world’s third largest computer manufacturer, announced the release of inexpensive laptops that use Google’s Android operating system in place of Microsoft’s operating systems.  That’s a whole lot of market share!

2831830776_6cd0becbd8_o Courtesy of friprog, licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 3.0

My brother initially recommended Acer’s Aspire One Netbook, and it definitely scores high points for both portability and usability.  The marriage of Acer’s products with an operating system that is largely open source and specifically designed for portable devices would seem to be a brilliant business move.  This will quite likely allow Acer to further reduce the price point on its products.   

Have you tried Android?  I would be curious to know how it rates in terms of its own usability and performance.


One Response to “Attack of the Android!”

  1. Ian Stephen Says:

    Note from an open source zealot: The Aspire One was first sold with Linpus Lite, a Fedora based version of the open source Gnu/Linux operating system optimized for portable devices. In it’s latest version Linpus Lite incorporates the features of the Intel-sponsored Moblin (Mobile-Linux) OS, a distro optimized for Intel’s Atom processor, the processor in many a portable device including the Aspire One.

    The fact that Windows Vista could not compete in this realm (having too voracious an appetite for hardware resources) lead to the extension of Windows XP’s life and so you and many since got your Aspire One with XP. Probably a good thing as the older Linpus Lite would not have been a good choice for many users IMHO.

    The brilliance, if it is, of the move to Android is the Google brand and apps that come with it. That the apps tend toward proprietary will taint the OS in the eyes of true penguinistas, but the uneducated masses won’t know the difference.

    I have only tried Android on a Freerunner A5, a device for which Android is still in beta stages and does not contain the proprietary pieces. My impression is that Android will prove very popular.


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