Must… resist… coffee chain…

I work in a downtown, low-rise office building, which is cursed with having one of the big coffee chain stores located on the main floor.  Right by the front door, no less…

I am usually so good about brewing my own coffee, a habit I picked up when I worked in an office located in the middle of nowhere.  Okay, it was Burnaby, but there wasn’t very much around…  Anyway, I have gotten really lazy lately, and have been buying my morning brew with increasing regularity.

At first, I justified it be telling myself that I had just changed jobs and was making a little more money.  Surely I deserve to treat myself as a reward.  Then I told myself that things were quite hectic right now.  It’s okay to buy myself a cup of coffee if it saves me some time when things are a little crazy.  But really, when are things NOT crazy?

I also told myself that I was being much more economical than those people who buy one of those fancy drinks seemingly every morning.  My coffee is only $2.00 (with  a dime off if I bring my own travel mug!).  But even if I only buy my coffee three times each week, that’s still $312 per year.  On coffee!

I even tried to tell myself that I was supporting local jobs during a major recession.  Although it is a chain store, they pay above minimum wage and provide employee benefits.  And their employees get free coffee.  Lucky employees…  I don’t think my $2.00 caffeine habit is really propping up a multinational corporation, however…

Putting aside my rationalizing, it’s still a chain, the paper cups are still bad for the environment, the coffee trade is probably not equitable for producers, and I am still needlessly wasting money.  Alright, I will brew my own coffee at work from now on.  After this morning, though – I am running a little late…

Postscript – I went and bought a big bag of Fair Trade coffee after work today…


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