What a beautiful day! So, why am I so grouchy?

Today, it truly feels like we have thrown off the last vestiges of winter and are finally able to enjoy the warmth of spring.  I have been trying to come up with a cheerful post in keeping with the weather, but somehow I just can’t quite do it.  Instead, I am going to rail about the things that some of my fellow transit passengers do that make me crazy. If that’s you, stop it!

  1. Smoking in line – I get enough carbon monoxide from the traffic, and do not need your second hand smoke on top of it.  Before you get all up on your high horse about me wanting to quash your civil liberties, have a look at the signage,  See the one with the picture of the cigarette with a line through it?  It means no smoking!
  2. Hogging seats – While we are on the topic of signage, there’s a sign that says that elderly people and people with disabilities have priority for the seats at the front of the bus.  If that does not describe you, then please let someone else have your seat if they need it.  And please don’t block an entire seat with your bag – it’s not my problem if you feel compelled to pack all of worldly possessions along with you on the bus.
  3. Talking like there is nobody else there – I get that it is a public place and that people will be on their cell phones; however, I do not need to hear the gory details of why your significant other is a complete loser.  I also do not need to hear you curse your significant other out – and neither do the toddlers that are on the bus along with us.
  4. Clipping nails – Yes, I hear the rest of you saying, “you’re kidding me!”.  On at least two occasions, I have been along for the ride when someone pulls out the nail clippers.  Unbelievable!  Enough said.

A little consideration for our fellow passengers would go a very long way.  Whew,  now that I got that off my chest, maybe I can get on with enjoying the sunshine.  Cheers!


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