Public Broadcasting from Around the World

So, last night I had another bout of insomnia.  Who knows why – some random worries, something I ate – whatever.  The one and only good thing about insomnia is that I get to listen to CBC Radio One’s late night offerings.  On weeknights, this consists of radio shows from public broadcasters around the globe.

I caught two shows, one from the Netherlands and one from Sweden.  “Curious Orange”, the Dutch show, featured prominent bands including the Electric Barbarians.  Their track was sort of experimental, acid jazz –  slightly reminiscent of the Propellerheads.  It turns out that the Electric Barbarians are on iTunes.

The Swedish commentators broke down their national political scene.   Alarmingly, one party with decidedly anti-immigrant in sentiments appears to be making significant gains.

I can’t remember which broadcast it was – must have got a few minutes of sleep there – but there was a piece on French President Sarkozy, who has called for an ambitious architectural reimagining of Paris to encourage densification.  Nothing on this scale has been seen since  Georges-Eugène Haussmann’s work under the auspices of Napolean III in the 1860s .

While these particular broadcasts hailed from Europe, CBC regularly features shows from Africa and Asia as well, and it is fascinating to hear different perspectives on current events – both in terms of what stories are covered in the first place, and how they are covered.

I’d encourage you to give CBC a listen if you find yourself battling a bout of late night insomnia.


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