Vinyl Café with Special Musical Guest

I caught CBC’s Vinyl Café today, featuring the Great Lake Swimmers as the special musical guest.  As usual, Stuart McLean’s storytelling was superb.  The latest instalment of “Dave and Morley” had me laughing out loud (Morley went underwear shopping).

The Great Lake Swimmers, on the other hand, offered the superlative contrast.  For those of you who don’t know their music, it is beautifully poignant, wistful and tinged with sadness.  Check out their new album when it drops this Spring.

This brings me to the first thing that I love about the CBC – they support Canada’s indie music scene in a huge way.  Radio One (not to mention Radio Two and Three) has introduced me to an incredible array of artists and bands that I would never have heard on mainstream music stations.

In my humble opinion, CBC contributes to a vibrant music scene and promulgates Canadian culture in a most effective – albeit subtle – manner.  This is a very small price to pay for our tax dollars.


Wicked Coffee!

Coffee is an institution in Vancouver.  Even in tough economic times, most people can afford this simple luxury.  The gigantic chains – two in particular – seem to be continuously busy.  It’s not that the coffee is fantastic, either.

No, I think that their loyal customer base comes from the fact that the product is consistent.  Nothing is worse than a bad cup of coffee, so why take a chance on an unknown quantity?  Well, one reason is that you may just stumble across a truly remarkable cuppa java.

I stopped into Wicked Café, a trendy little coffee shop at 861 Hornby in downtown Vancouver.  The tag line on their website is “coffee you would sell your soul for”.  Hmmm, I am not sure that I would sell my immortal soul for it, but they do make excellent coffee.  I think it comes down to the fact that they brew each cup individually, so it’s fresh just for you.

Look for future posts on this topic when I find a cup of coffee that is truly blogworthy.  In the meantime, let me know if you know where to go for a more than satisfying caffeine fix.

Aaaaah, coffee...

Courtesy of Ballistik Coffee Boy, licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 License

Hello world!

Welcome to the inaugural post on my very first blog!  Why is it called keeskee, you ask?  Good question!  Keeskee is a Bungee word that means “off balance”.  Being new to blogging, I am feeling just a little off balance myself.   Hopefully, this will be an opportunity to have a little fun and become a more savvy blogger along the way.

I am also going to break one of the cardinal rules of blogging and hit on a number of disparate topics, which means that my blog is going to be a little keeskee, too.  Better than being appech-e-quanee!  Topics that I will likely hit on include community events, local finds, where to go for a great cup of coffee, things to do, and my garden…